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Philosophy books.

The Little Book of Stoicism - Jonas Salzgeber

Why you should read this book

Life is unpredicitable. Whether you think life is like a box of chocolates or predetermined, things can happen that are entirely out of your control. It is important to stay on top of the things you can control, to weather the storm and firmly keep your ground. Engaging in the teachings of the Stoics can help you keep control of your mental well-being and increase your resilience. This book gives the power back to the individual and relieves the perceived grip environmental factors have on our lives.

How to Think Like a Roman Emperor - Donald Robertson

Why you should read this book

A book that offers an incredible insight into the practical side of Stoicism by taking a closer look at the life of the Roman Emperor Markus Aurelius. Robertson does a great job in showing the reader how Stoicism can be practised in their daily lives.

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