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Expectations of 2020 and the reality couldn’t be further apart. What now?

This pandemic has affected all of us and those who find themselves lucky enough to be healthy are confronted with the reality that ambitions and plans for potentially for the whole year have been upended and obliterated. Through no fault of our own, life as we know it has stopped indefinitely.

I have seen content online along the lines of never wasting a good crises. While I struggle to see how a crises could ever be good for the general public, I agree to the extent that this situation can help us to grow as a person.

Now in the spirit of impromize, I could imply again to use the time to read or exercise and try something new. However, I think there is a bigger picture.

I am a firm believer that anything in life is a skill and I don’t see any reason why dealing with adversity would be excluded. I am starting to see COVID 19 as an adversity boot camp.

You are faced with a crushing reality that everything you hoped for this year will not eventuate the way you thought and you have to deal with it for a very long time on a daily basis.

Every day you are confronted with this crises that is outside of your control and you can make a decision on whether to let the unquestionable sadness of the situation overcome you, or keep going at it within your individual capabilities.

I choose to do the latter.

If an unprecedented pandemic cannot stop you from going where you want to be, what will?


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