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Self-help books.

Atomic Habits - James Clear

Why you should read this book

The significance of small changes over a longer period are widely underestimated. Improving by even just a percent every day for a year will be an absolute game changer when the time comes. Most people are constantly looking for that huge overhaul and show an incredible persisitence in adjourning to act on it. This book will make you realise that the smallest of changes are anything but redundant and can create some serious momentum. This book will also help you realise that you should never be afraid to start small.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey

Why you should read this book

The title gives most of the motivation for a potential read through away. A classic in the self-imporvement category with multiple exercises to learn during the reading process.

12 Rules for Life - Jordan B. Peterson

Why you should read this book

A controversially discussed book by a man that has gathered an immense following in a very short time. This book is very much unlike most books with twelve rules on how to live virtuously. One of the more challeging reads, which will require close attention. If you feel like a challenge, here is one right in front of you.

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