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Start moving now.

In addition to the many health benefits that come from physical activity, exercise also provides a great opportunity to connect with other people and can help you relieve stress. Due to the many advantages, it comes as no surprise that physical exercise is an integral part on the journey to a better version of yourself.

Start on a body part you choose.

Exercise should make you feel good, stand taller and move quicker. Give your mind a rest and let the rest of the body take over. impromize provides you with examples to send you on your way. The rest is up to you. Pick what to start on first and strive towards your physical self-improvement.

lower body

Considering we are constantly using the muscles in our lower body, we should be mindful of their maintenance.


The core is a group of highly functional muscles that can have a significant influence on our health and physical performance.

upper body

Physical strength in the upper body can help us with our posture and overall performance.

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