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habit tracker

Own your self-improvement.

We are what we do.

Small changes over a consistent time period go a very long way. The best way to implement new, productive habits is to record your journey. That way you can slightly move towards a desireable behaviour every day and see how far you have come. Try it now with the impromize - habit tracker 2020.

free habit tracker for desktop

reading aid

Get more out of your books with the impromize notepad.

In addition to the habit tracker, impromize offers a free reading aid to be more effective and efficient with your reading. Every once in a while, we come across a book that we would like to fully internalize and understand. In order to do that, we take notes and highlight certain passages. But what are we highlighting? The most important or most interesting text passages? And in what regard important and/or relevant?

The impromize notepad gives you a brief guideline on what actually matters when trying to understand the book in front of you. When reading for the purpose of profound understanding, it is beneficial to always be mindful of specific questions that make you reflect on the content. The impromize notepad gives you an idea on what this could look like with 3 revision questions and 1 reflection question.

The most effective way to use this tool is to be aware of the questions before you begin to read a book and continously be on the lookout how you can answer the questions in utmost brevity. Summarizing and expressing complex content in your own words is the first step in learning. Give it a go with that one book that will you know will fascinate you.

A5 notepad bookmark

A4 notepad

Customized reading lists.

Top 5 books about the accomplishment of exellence of any skill

Invest in yourself.

Life can be overwhelming. Taking some time for yourself and what you are grateful for is extremely beneficial. 6 minutes each day, that is all you need. of course, there is also room to write down ideas on how to grow as a person. The underlying principle of impromize.

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